Zen - Its History And Teachings By Osho

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“Only once in the world history of human consciousness has a thing like Zen come into being. It is very rare.” Zen is like a telegram. It believes in the very essentials. It has no nonsense around it, no rituals, no chanting, no mantras, no scriptures - just small anecdotes. If you have the right awareness, they will hit you directly in the heart. It is a very condensed and crystallized teaching, but it needs the person to be prepared for it. And the only preparation is meditative awareness. Zen books themselves are very fragmentary.

They are telegrams - urgent, immediate, not giving you any explanation, but simply giving you the very essence, the perfume of thousands of flowers. You just have to be alert and meditative enough to absorb them. I?m trying to give a context, the right background, because I am talking to people who are not born in the Zen tradition. - OSHO About the Author :Osho is one of the best known and most provocative contemporary mystics of the twentieth century. His wisdom is legendary, as is his skill in guiding his audience to an understanding of complex philosophical concepts using humor and the art of storytelling. In ZEN, Its History and Teachings, Osho takes the reader on a journey of understanding that cannot be taught but can only be experienced. Nicely illustrated book.

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