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In this one-of-a-kind book, Bijoylaxmi Hota showers germs of information taken from the treasure troves of our ancient sources of knowledge. Alongside explaining the origins of certain thoughts and practices, the book tells you what to do alongwith the whys and hows, Cancer, that can be caused by toxins, stress, parasites, wrong food, negative past impressions or karma, effect every aspect of the suffer. The book contains remedies to deal with each case and normalise every layer of the human personality. Apart from a section dedicated to nutritious recipes, Yoga for Cancer teaches various types of asanas and pranayamas to rejuvenate the glands an dorgans, yogic sleep to relax, diet to destroy cancerous cells, techniques of meditation to eliminate negative sanskars, and mantras to tap the mysterious higher power.

About the Authors:

Bijoylaxmi Hota is an Integrated Yoga therapist with thirty years of experience and has successfully treated ailments ranging from cold and cough to cancer with her unique combination of various yogas and diet. She has written columns for leading Indian dailies, produced a TV serial on yoga and has been featured by national and international media. She has held yoga workshops and spoken on different aspects of the subject, extensively. She has also scripted dance recitals on Indian spiritual philosophy such as yoga and tantra.

Cariss Leventis-Cox is both a certified Culinarian and Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist. She has published articles on food and nutrition, held workshops and won US national and international recipe competitions.

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