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  1. Reverse of Valsalva's manouvre has existed in Yoga for thousands of years. It is called "Uddiyan Bandh". It creates about 70 mm Hg sub atmospheric pressure inside the thorax which is equivalent of breathing at an altitude of 800 metres above where you are.
  2. Bhastrika followed by shunyak has the capability to generate enough hypoxia which can stimulate erythropoietin and in ischaemic myocardium, formation of coronary collaterals.
  3. Inverted postures like the Shirshasana and Sarvangasana shift the air bubble in the stomach to the pyloric region thereby inhibiting the organisms Helicobacter pylori; the causative organisms of peptic ulcers. H. Pylori are micro-aerophilic.
  4. Yogasanas protect the heart by an indirect action on the skeletal muscles. A huge capacity to oxygen debt is created in them. Thus, a trained yogi's muscles do not put a demand on the heart for every trivial activity.
  5. A parasympathetically dominated state is much desired by the modern cardiologist. Convergence of the eyes which has been amply recommended in yoga books can help producing such a state. Convergence is associated with miosis which is a parasympathetic activity.
  6. There are further ways to create parasympathetic dominance and inhibition of sympathetic nervous system. They include inducing tears from the eyes (Trataka), inducing vomiting by gagging and further more.

This book is written by a Doctor of' Medicine, who is also a student of physiology and yoga at the same time. While the study of physiology has given the vision, the study and practice of yoga has given the insight. In tact the more you delve deeper in both these subjects the more you feel how complementary they are to each other.

For ages yoga has been considered a subject dependent on faith. The present book keeps away the mythical aspect attached to the practice of yoga and explains in clear physical terms the possible impact of regularly performing the yogic practices on human physiology. One can achieve parasympathetically dominated state which the modern cardiologists desire so much. One can lead a long; disease-free life and even in old age, remain self dependent. One can even learn to undertake voluntary death which is without disease and which is painless -a technique to be used when one feels one has lived long enough. 

The present work is primarily targetted towards ourselves -doctors; so that we can start deriving advantages of yogic practices for ourselves as well as for our patients. This book is also understandable by anyone having a working knowledge of biology acquired through reading of common articles published in popular magazines, more preferably of 10+ 2 level, and is of best use to medical students. 

If it is able to stimulate research by physiologists in the field of Yoga the mission of the book will be said to be fulfilled.

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