Word Smart II

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Did you know that…

  •  The word "noisome" has nothing whatsoever to do with noise?
  •   "Ordinance" and "ordnance" have two distinct meanings?
  •  An "errant" fool is a fool who is lost, while an "arrant" fool is one whose foolishness is obvious?

If any of these facts caught you by surprise, then you need Word Smart II. More than one million people have improved their vocabularies with the original Word Smart, but an educated and powerful vocabulary doesn’t stop growing with one book. All of the 1,455 words featured in Word Smart II belong in an impressive vocabulary. Learning and using these words effectively can help you get better grades, score higher on tests, and communicate more confidently at work. 

This is the revised 3rd Edition of Word Smart II that includes

  • A rigorous emphasis on correct pronunciation
  • Specialized chapters that highlight vocabulary from classic literature, law, and religion
  • A guide to frequently occurring usage errors in written English
  • Two Chapters focussing on the words frequently found on the SAT and other standardized Tests.
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ISBN 9780375765770
Author Adam Robinson
Publisher Princeton Review
Language English
Page count 377
Book Format Paperback

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