Trading Tips

Trading Tips - A PlayBook For Stock Market Success.
This book lays down a simple but effective and disciplined trading methodology for stock market success.

Trading Tips


Trading Tips

A PlayBook For Stock Market Success

By Tom Dorsey


“A must-read for both the individual and the investment advisor”

--- Gino Toretta, Prudential Securities, Inc, USA


“Reading Dorsey’s recipes is a must”

---Frank Capiello

This book lays down a simple but effective and disciplined trading methodology for stock market success:

§ Getting the right foundation through point and figure charting

§ How to become a disciplined player

§ How to recognize market and sector characteristics

§ How to make your market plays

§ How to evaluate the risk vis-a-vis the reward

§ How to understand market psychology.

Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips shows you how to invest confidently using point and figure charting, a proven, objective plan - one that's based on the fundamental laws of supply and demand, not on superficial market trends. You'll learn: the essentials of stock selection, including a four-step checklist for starting new positions, how to evaluate technical pros and cons, and how to accurately compare your stocks to market leaders. Dorsey also explores more advanced topics like short-term trading techniques, options strategies and indices - demystifying them with clear, down-to-earth explanations.

This book will help traders identify risk and rewards in the market and within specific sectors. And it offers strategies to conquer potential setbacks consistently, so that you always come out ahead.

'Tom Dorsey is the premier market watcher and master technician. Reading Dorsey's recipes for success is a must. Here is a guy I read every day - second only to the Wall Street Journal.'

-Frank Capiello, President, McCullough, Andres, & Capiello, USA

 'As usual, Tom Dorsey has written in a manner that allows both the veteran investor and the novice to reap the benefits of his knowledge and experience.'

-Joe Stefanelli, Executive VP, Derivative Securities, American Stock Exchange, USA




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