Toward A Solar Civilization

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The distinguished philosopher and spiritual Master, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986), was born in Bulgaria. In 1937 he moved to France, where he lived and taught for almost fifty years. One of the most striking aspects of the Master’s teaching is the enormous variety of ways in which he presents the one central theme of man and his growth in perfection Whatever the question under discussion, it is invariably dealt with in terms of how man can better conduct his life.

Although we may know about heliocentricity from the point of view of astronomy, we are still far from having exhausted all its possibilities in the biological, psychological, cultural and spiritual spheres. We are constantly looking for more effective ways of harnessing solar energy; why not look for traces of the sun buried deep in man’s psychic structure and consequently in human society? The sun exists within each one of us and if allowed to, can manifest its presence by awakening our consciousness to a global view of human problems.

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