The Winning Portfolio

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The Winning Portfolio : How To Choose The Best Mutual Funds

By Paul B. Farrell

If you are among the millions of who invest in mutual funds, the task of building a winning portfolio that will meet your investment objectives just got easier. Farrell's strategy is easy-to-follow and will help you diversify your portfolio while shielding your investment from market downturns:

Simple steps for finding the funds that are right for you

Tips for determining your ideal asset allocation plan

Techniques for portfolio rebalancing to meet changing needs

Be a do-it-yourself investor

Focus on the portfolio, not the funds

Buy and hold; forget market timing

Inflation and the high cost of low-risk funds can kill you

Keep it simple; diversify your risks

Past performance counts; it's the best tool you've got

Avoiding the buy-sell frenzy and holding the right funds for the long term.

'Demystifies the mutual fund selection process by taking us behind the scenes . . . and teaches how to construct a portfolio.'
— Ivy Schmerken, Ed, Wall Street & Tech, USA

'An easy-to-follow roadmap for maximizing your mutual funds profits . . . both rational and intuitive.'
— Brian Murray, VP, E*Trade Mutual Funds, USA

'Eminently practical advice for selecting mutual funds.'
— John C. Bogle

'Mutual funds are an important tool for investors planning for financial independence, and Paul Farrell's book is very worthwhile reading.'
— Charles R. Schwab, Charles Schwab Corp, USA



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