The Wild Geese And The Water

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The Wild Geese and the Water may come as a shock to some people - to those who live their lives in accordance with the precepts and principles laid down centuries ago in the name of the so-called great religions. In his many answers to seekers and visitors alike in this book, Osho exposes the hypocrisies of all these establishments, and espouses instead a true religiousness, free of all doctrine and dogma, offering hope for a new humanity, and for the world's crushing problems. Illustrating his answers with many anecdotes of famous historical figures, and stories of everyday life combined with an outrageous wit, Osho guides us toward the path and practice of meditation, of living wholly in the present moment.

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ISBN 9789380658020
Author Osho
Publisher Westland Publication
Language English
Page count 344
Book Format Paper Back

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