The WAP Book

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The WAP Book


Wireless Application Protocol [WAP]

Wireless Markup Language [WML]

Wireless Markup Language Script [WML Script]


As we all know the world is moving towards convergence of Information Technology and Telecommunication. WAP or Wireless Aplication Protocol is an important technology in this convergence domain.

This technology extends the accessibility of Internet to mobile users through communication devices like cellular phones.

This book does not assume a background in WAP or related technologies on the part of the readers and start off from the very basics. The book covers not only the theoretical foundation but also WAP`s usage in real life. It provides a thorough, indepth and complete coverage of Wireless Markup Language (WML) and Wireless Markup Language Script (WMLScript) which are used for programming in the WAP environment. The numerous demonstrative examples provided throughout the book are a key aide in understanding the underlying concept. When a reader goes through the book he will be well equipped to understand and develop commercial WAP applications on his own.

Wireless application Protocol is a revolutionary technology, which has the potential to change the way we live and ‘The WAP Book’ is the ideal reference to learn about it.

Subject Technology
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Author Prateek Khanna
Publisher Unicorn Books
Imprint date 2001
Language English
Page count 112
Book Format Paperback

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