The Ultimate India Quiz Book By Derek O`Brien

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The Ultimate India Quiz Book By Derek O`Brien

The perfect blend of entertainment and education . . .

Commemorating sixty years of India’s independence and reflecting India’s many facets, this definitive volume packs in 3000 questions in sixty chapters, testing the answering skills of any quiz-lover. Each chapter contains fifty questions on a range of subjects from ancient, medieval and modern India to alternative medicine, and fairs and festivals, Indian cricket, Indian diaspora, Hindi and regional films to science, traditional sport and youth affairs, travel, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Put your knowledge of India to the ultimate test with this valuable volume for facts, figures, events, history, literature, politics, and much more.

Author: Derek O`Brien

ISBN: 0143102079

Pages: 273

Size:19.8cm x 12.8cm

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Author Derek O`Brien
Publisher PENGUIN
Page count 273

Categories: General Knowledge

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