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rnThe Ultimate Cocktail Book is the only reference you will ever need when planning a cocktail party, having friends around, or when you’re just in the mood for an exotic drink. Containing over 200 cocktail recipes and 100 colour photographs, this book is a comprehensive guide to everything from classic cocktails, such as the Harvey Wallbanger, to more unusual drinks such as Havana Beach and Juliana Blue. There is also a chapter on non-alcoholic cocktails including Cranberry Crush and Iced Mint Tea. There is an extensive introduction that includes a history of cocktails,a guide to glasses, measurements and bar equipment and hints and tips on preparing cocktails, as well as some historical facts about the origins and name of cocktails. With interesting facts and information about cocktails appearing thoughtout the book, The Ultimate Cocktail book is both an indispensable recipe book and a comprehensive guide to the history and myths surrounding the preparation and drinking of cocktails. Create perfect cocktails every time : Over 200 recipes from the classic to the more exotic, Expert tips on preparing and serving , Historical facts about the origins and names. Once again the epitome of glamour in America, cocktails are both taste-bud-tingling treats and superbly stylish. Sophisticated, cool, and appealing to the eye, just like the beverages it presents, this ultimate book on the ultimate libation is itself a recipe for the perfect cocktail party. Begin with the basics--essential equipment, decorating and serving tips, unassailable bartending advice. Mix in hundreds of spectacular color photographs and a full range of fabulous concoctions, from the classic Martini to the treacherous Knockout, from elegant slow sippers to deadly Scorpions, from a Cool Wind to a Sirocco. Garnish with a chapter on alcohol-free cocktails too delicious and good-looking to limit to the drivers. The result? A subtle and harmonious blend of information stirred, not shaken, into a book with a powerful kick. Table of Contents: History, origins and culture; essential equipment; glasses; ice; decorating drinks; throwing a cocktail party; the classics; strictly; spirits; tall drinks; exotic cocktails; alcohol-free cocktails

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