The Time Machine

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An English scientist calls his friends over for dinner, claiming to be able to amaze them with something inconceivable. He shows them a table top model machine which simply vanishes. When asked to explain more about it, he says it has moved along the fourth dimension. Surely enough, the machine appears back the following week and his friends are staggered. The scientist tests out a full scale model of his time machine and travels to A.D. 802701, where mankind has waned into a place called Eloi, a society of small, childlike adults who live in advanced but flagging buildings. His ventures reveal that not all is as it appears, and if he must survive, he has to return to his own time; something he has no chance of doing without the machine which has been carried away by the menacing Morlocks. Will he be able to find his time machine back? Find out the rest in this novella which made time travel a popular concept among the general public.

Subject Comics
Selling Rights Worldwide
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ISBN 9788174760258
Author H G Wells
Publisher Campfire Publication
Language English
Page count 109
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Age 5+ Age 7+

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