The Tarot Kit for Life & Love

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Tarot for life & love | Using the tarot to get the most out of relationships | Full colour book | Deck of 78 tarot cards | Crystal
  • Stuck in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere?
  • Feeling let down by your best friend?
  • Sensing friction at work?
The tarot can help you decide what to do. This kit provides all you need to start your own readings-
  • A pack of tarot cards of classic design
  • A rose quartz crystal
  • Jane Struthers’ insightful book Tarot for Life and Love
The book contains detailed analysis of each of the 78 cards:
  • The major arcane – 22 cards describing your journey through life
  • Wands – the suit connected with travel and adventure
  • Cups – ruling the realms of the emotions and love
  • Swords – the double-edged suit, connected with words and thoughts
  • Pentacles – in charge of all material matters – money, property, career and status
And suggested sample readings to help you on your way:
  • Celtic cross spread – explore both the present and the past
  • Horoscope spread – covering every aspect of your life
  • Horseshoe spread – an excellent choice if you want to examine a complicated situation and work out what is going on
  • Personal history spread – how have your relationships changed over the last few months or years?
  • Healing relationship spread – analyse what is wrong with a relationship and sort out how to put it right
  • Eternal triangle spread – coming to grips with an age-old problem
  • Eternal rectangle spread – for when four people are in a tense relationship with each other
  • Heart of the matter spread – an in-depth study for various aspects of your life
  • Karma spread – explore a relationship in detail, from your own point of view and that of the other person
  • Pyramid spread – for when friendships go wrong and you don’t know why
About the Author:
Jane Struthers has studied the tarot, palmistry and astrology since she was 14. As Gemini Jane she wrote a daily astrology column for the Sun and now writes for Bella, Britian’s best-selling weekly magazine. Her books have been published all over the world.
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