The Secrets Of Skinny Chicks

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The Secrets Of Skinny Chicks


They have the bodies you covet: long, lean, muscular, healthy … it’s easy to assume that skinny chicks look great effortlessly. But as twenty-one fit and fabulous women divulge in The Secrets of skinny chicks, they have to work hard at it every day – no excuses!

Follow The 50 SECRETS of skinny chicks and learn how to

STOP OVEREATING and develop a “skinny state of mind”
EAT YOUR FAVORITE “cheat foods” so you won’t feel deprived while still maintaining a healthy diet
PLAN a cardio and strength-training workout so invigorating you’ll actually love to work out
LISTEN to your body’s cues that tell you when you’re hungry and whan you’ve had enough

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Subject Health & Fitness
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Author Karen Bridson
Publisher Tata McGraw - Hill
Language English
Book Format Paperback

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