The Red Carpet

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INDIA, as everywhere, the young want to break with tradition and the old struggle to keep it. In Bangalore where software billionaires, beggars, and the legacy of the Raj combine and collide, the clash between old-fashioned parents and their Americanised young is particularly fraught.

From traditional Indian mothers urging their Westernised children towards marriage to orthodox chauffeurs struggling with racy employers, The Red Carpet is a witty and humane collection of stories which subverts familiar themes of family, love and cultural identity in an outstanding debut.

‘The eight stories are in turn, tendor, wry and moving. But to call it a collection of short stories is to do The Red Carpet an injustice. This is a guidebook to Bangalore, a commentary on the evolution of life in the metro, and the celebration of a ‘city’

--Business Standard, INDIA

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Author Lavanya Sankaran
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Language English
Page count 215
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