The Penguin Yearbook 2009 by Derek O`Brien

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  • The Year in Review

  • India + The World

  • News and Views

  • Timelines

  • General Knowledge

  • 20/20 Quiz Questions

  • 60 Technological Marvels That Changed Our Lives

  • 100 Heroes From Indian History

  • Exclusive for Students: Exam Alerts!


The Penguin Yearbook 2009 is packed with all the information that you need and use every day. Whether it’s data you need or a date, whether it’s a fact you need to double-check or a name, The Penguin Yearbook is always there to help you out. The information contained in the Yearbook is comprehensive and updated till 1 November 2008. We have held the presses to include the results of the 2008 US Presidential elections as well.

In addition to information, of course, The Penguin Yearbook brings you news that you won’t find elsewhere, along with in-depth analyses that provide you with a perspective on recent happenings and current trends. It’s the one book you need to read to make sense of everything that’s going on around you and to keep abreast of what everyone is talking about.

The Penguin Yearbook 2009 starts with a thorough ‘Year in Review’ section that is specially designed to bring you up to date on the events of the previous year, with informative write-ups on newsmakers, obituaries, and India and World datelines. There are also detailed timelines of Indian and world history from the beginning of civilization to the present.

This year’s Yearbook has two special sections: ‘100 Heroes of Indian History’ acquaints you with the key personalities who have left a defining imprint on the country and its culture; ‘60 Technological Marvels That Changed Our Lives’ introduces you to five dozen modern inventions we couldn’t possibly do without—things that we often take for granted and don’t think twice about, but which have had a profound influence on our lives and our times.

The sections on Politics, Economy, Science, Career, Sports, Arts and General Knowledge feature substantial new information along with easy-to-refer-to news segments. The revised and updated India and World sections are designed to put key data at your fingertips. The Penguin 20/20 Quiz, 20 quizzes with 20 questions each, will test your knowledge of current affairs.

Especially for students, we are pleased to introduce a new feature this year: Exam Alerts contains a total of 150 frequently asked questions (along with answers) that are sure to start you off at your best in a competitive examination or a job interview.

Your favourite Yearbook, now in its fifth year of publication, The Penguin Yearbook 2009 will be your trusted companion the year round.


ISBN 9780143064980
Author Derek O’ Brien
Language English
Page count 799

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