The Only Way Out Is Within

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Clear Your Energy System and Keep Yourself  Emotionally and Physically Healthy

A book about choices, which instills in you the confidence and the ability to undertake your own unique journey towards growth, empowerment and ultimately happiness

This book guides you to learn to your body and its insightful messages, quieten your mind, recognize your ego and live with awareness. It empowers you to take responsibility for yourself and for your state of being. It offers simple, practical tools to transform yourself. It shows you how to plug energy leaks, get the better of debilitating emotions and create vibrant physical health. It introduces you to a new paradigm in which happiness is a matter of choice, not chance. This volume offers you a chance to live freely, spontaneously and uninhibitedly, as you were always meant to.

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ISBN 9788189988240
Author Rohini Singh
Publisher Hay House
Language English
Page count 258
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Health, Mind & Body Books Self-Help Books

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