The New Commonsense Guide To Mutual Funds

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In this top-selling book, one of America’s pre-eminent financial journalists, cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding mutual funds and tells you exactly what you need to know:

• DO build your portfolio with at least three "core" mutual funds.
• DON’T follow the crowd.
• DO use index funds.
• DON’T try to time the market.
• DO invest in different asset classes.
• DON’T buy (or sell) a fund based on recent performance alone.
• DO look for consistency.
• DON’T invest in a fund that’s too big for its britches.
• DO add to your holdings with an automatic-investment program.
• DON’T rely too much on ratings.

Whether you’re looking for an edge or are just starting to invest, this book will show you how mutual funds work and how you can use them to meet your financial goals.


Author Mary Rowland
Language English
Page count 272

Categories: Stock, Investment & Taxes

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