The Meditation Bible

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This is a definitive handbook for those wishing to master meditation. This authoritative volume includes meditations for calming and centering, living mindfully, developing love and compassion, solving problems, manifesting your dreams and connecting with the Divine. There's also advice on meditation postures, creating a sacred space and establshing a daily meditation practice.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Before You Begin; What Is Meditation Why Meditate What You Need; Meditation Postures;

Part II: The Meditation Directory; Meditations for Calming and Centring; Meditations for Living Mindfully; Meditations for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit; Meditations that Get You Moving; Meditations for Love and Compassion; Meditations for Solving Your Problems; Meditations for Manifesting Your Dreams; Meditations for Connecting with the Divine; Meditation Glossary

Subject Yoga & Meditation
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ISBN 9781841812496
Author Madonna Gauding
Publisher Octopus Publishing
Language English
Page count 400
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Yoga & Meditation Self-Help Books

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