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A Powerful Toolkit For More Efficient & Effective Team Problem Solving

Building superior teams for superior solutions - The McKinsey Way

Problem solving is a team effort. And whether it's implementing major change in a single division or throughout a company, identifying and fixing a snag in a production chain, or reinvigorating flagging customer satisfaction, superior teams produce superior solutions.

Drawing upon the solution-centric culture and behaviors described in the international bestseller, The McKinsey Way, as well as the unparalleled analytical skills outlined in the critically acclaimed The McKinsey Mind, this final volume in the McKinsey Trilogy delivers the team building and communication methodologies all McKinsey consultants, worldwide, use to achieve stellar business solutions and to ensure that those solutions “stick.”

You will find step-by-step advice on how to:

  • Establish clear channels of communication
  • Assess your current level of performance
  • Identify key questions regarding the problem to be solved
  • Develop hypotheses and test them
  • Synthesize relevant information into a presentable solution

In addition to field-tested strategies, Dr. Paul Friga outfits you with an arsenal of tools, exercises, guidelines, checklists, and best-practices guaranteed to magnify your team problem-solving prowess by an order of magnitude and to help you achieve world-class results-every time.

This work is based upon the author’s experience and research at McKinsey and elsewhere and is not sponsored or approved by McKinsey or any other firms. The book does not include any confidential or proprietary information from McKinsey or any consulting firm or respective clients thereof.

Subject Business
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ISBN 9780070147000
Author Paul N. Friga, PH.D.
Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Language English
Page count 247
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Business & Management

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