The Man From Pakistan

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The True Story of the World’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Smuggler

A true story of international intrigue, this alarming book is the definitive account of how one man facilitated the spread of nuclear weapons technology to the most dangerous rogue nations on the planet. And it reveals how the U.S. government knowingly allowed that to happen….

Abdul Qadeer Khan is the father of the Islamic bomb. An affable and mediocre scientist, he stole European nuclear plans and established a black market to play a central role in building Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. He did not stop there. He reversed the flow of his smuggling operation to sell the same technology to Iran, North Korea, and  Libya. Intelligence authorities could have stopped him well before Pakistan became a nuclear power, but amazingly, our political leaders consciously chose to wait and concentrate on what they believed to be more immediate strategic priorities.

This important work of history shows how this criminal could have been prevented from jeopardizing our national security. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the threat of nuclear annihilation is on the rise. Should such an assault  occur, there is a strong chance that the trail of devastation will lead back to A.Q.Khan. The Man From Pakistan explains how he did it, and why his work continues to endanger us.

Author Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins
Language English
Page count 413
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Non-Fiction Books History

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