The Latin Key To Better English

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The Latin Key To Better English

Do YOU WISH to express yourself with originality and clarity, whether in writing or in speaking? Even if you have never studied latin, here is an easy introduction to over 320 selected Latin words and prefixes and their meanings which will give you a new knowledge and understanding of hundreds of English words common and uncommon.

* An invaluable companion for teachers, college students, high school boys and girls, parents and young children in the acquisition of new words.
* Makes vocabulary not a chore but an adventure.
* Presents the vocabulary benefits of two years of classroom study of latin.

More than half of the words we use in our daily conversation come to us from latin. An accurate use of these words, both in speech and writing, is immeasurably facilitated by a knowledge of their origin and therefore the authors believe that some of the benefits of latin in building the English vocabulary should be passed on to the thousands who are missing them today.

Author:Archibald Hart
ISBN: 8183071953
Pages: 226
Size: 18.2cm x 12.2cm
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Author Archibald Hart
Page count 226

Categories: English

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