The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Birds Of The World

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The ultimate identification guide to over 1600 birds, profiling habitat, nesting, behaviour and food

Illustrated throughout withn1800 full-colour photographs and artworks, capturing rare and familiar birds and their characteristics.

A comprehensive visual guide to the birds of America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the polar regions, with expert analysis of size, shape, plumage, habitat, breeding, nests, eggs and food.

Assesses humankinds attempts to record and classify birds, and the impact of human intervention on bird habitats, populations and behaviour.

An extensive, full-colour directory includes bizarre and familiar species, such as the hawk-headed parrot, Eurasian spoonbill and double-wattled cassowary, plus puffins, terns, egrets, sunbirds, touracos, buzzards, blackbirds, waxbills, lovebirds, macaws, bee-eaters, rosellas, kingfishers and many more.

A natural history section, featuring full-colour habitat artworks and tips on birdwatching, takes a look at the evolution of birds, and how they use flight, habitat, predatory instincts and migration to survive in their environment.

Fully illustrated throughout with over 1800 specially commissioned colour artworks and photographs, including concise maps detailling distribution.

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