The Hollow

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In the small village of Hawkins Hollow, three best friends who share the same birthday sneak off into the woods for a sleepover. But a night of pre-pubescent celebration turns into horror as their blood brother oath unleashes a three-hundred year curse.

Twenty-one years later, Fox O'Dell and his friends have seen their town plagued by a week of inexplicable evil events every seven years. With the clock winding down to the next horrific deadline, someone else has taken an interest in the town’s folklore. A boutique manager from New York, Layla Darnell is drawn to Hawkins Hollow for reasons she can't explain - but the recent attacks on her life make it clear she is someow involved And though Fox tries to keep his professional distance, his interests in Layla have become personal too.

ISBN 9780749938860
Author Nora Roberts
Language English
Page count 325

Categories: Classics Fiction Books

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