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Forget expensive gyms and ridiculous workout programs! forget wafer-thin models and all those unattainable bodies that Madison Avenue, Hollywood, and television love to depress us with! In fact, forget everything you’ve ever learned about exercise and fitness! Because Peg Jordan is going to show you a whole new way to tap into your natural instinct for movement to achieve the best body of your life.


The Fitness Instinct presents not just the most effective way to get healthy exercise but also a whole new way of thinking about your body and its needs. Based on more than 20 years of research by one of the fitness industry’s most respected leaders, The Fitness Instinct blends the best current thinking on exercise with the wisest of natural, mind body theories to teach each of us how to take fitness and wellness into our own capable hands.


With Peg Jordan as your guide, you’ll discover your own fitness personality-the way your unique body prefers to move. You’ll stop thinking in terms of must do exercise regimens and will fall into a lifestyle of can’t-do-without movement, be it dancing, stretching, sprinting, or strolling. Follow peg’s 11 step plan, and you’ll learn:


  • Ways to spread moments of healthy movement throughout your day


  • How to still your body for calm and refreshment


  • The times of day when your particular body most needs to move


  • How to make movement and fitness more spiritually enriching


  • How to integrate stretching, strengthening, and aerobic movements more naturally into your day

 Why cope with intimidating exercise machines, mind-numbering regimens, and the bogus promises of so many gyms, trainers, and infomercials? Let Peg Jordan help you discover your fitness Instinct, and healthy exercise will forever more be a natural, spiritual part of your life.



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