The Dragon And The Elephant

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The Dragon And The Elephant

China, India And The New World Order

By David Smith

Global geopolitical is shifting. By 2050 the three most powerful countries on earth will be china, India and the United States. As the world rapidly tilts eastwards, new alliances will be formed and new rules will be set. Only those who have understood the world order will be equipped to face these new challenges. The Dragon And The Elephant is an accessible and engaging guide to these changes, written by the economics editor of the Sunday Times.

To explain the rise of the Asian giants, and asses the implications for the rest of the world, David Smith examines the questions he has heard most often: How did they do it? Is their growth sustaibable? How will other countries such as Britain cope?

How aggressive a superpower will china be? How did it come to have an economic lack over America? What about India? Will it turn the economic tables on Britain, its old imerial master, in the way America did? The book tells us which way the wind is blowing and how it will affect us all.

Most of us have wondered whether we should be worried or hopeful. At last here is a book to help you make up your mind, a book that will leave you knowing more about what to expect : the opportunities and the pitfalls, and the ten ways china and India will and won’t change the world.


‘ David Smith has demonstrated his talent for opening up the world of economics and finance to a general audience’--- Gordon Brown

Author: David Smith

ISBN: 1861978154

Pages: 266

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