The Concise Children' s Encyclopedia

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The concise children’s encyclopedia is an exciting work of reference for children of eight years and over. Presented in an essay-to-use alphabetical format, the encyclopedia is comprehensive and authoritative, stylish and fun. Children will be drawn by its friendly style, clear narrative, illuminating Photographs and stunning illustrations. Its compact size makes this a very potable encyclopedia, ideal for children to carry at home or use at school.

Special features include:

* Beautiful full-colour artwork and maps that encourage children to find out more
* Many illustrations with magnified details to provide greater clarification
* Clear annotation to explain even the most complex diagrams
* Eye-catching, vivid photography that brings subjects to life
* A variety of facts and figures boxes that contain key dates, important events, amazing statistics and other essential information
* Colourful identification panels that amplify the main topics by highlighting specific subject areas
* Cross-reference boxes to draw attention to related or relevant topics covered in the encyclopedia

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