The Complete Book Of Yoga

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Harmony of body and mind

A Superbly Illustrated Near-ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF YOGA for the entire family

Part I
-          The Origins of Yoga
-          What is Yoga?
-          The Different Systems of Yoga
-          Mental Attitude, Power of Mind
-          Meditation
-          The Nadis, Chakras and Kundalini

Part II
-          What is Hatha Yoga?
-          Pranayama: Its Practice and Physiological Value
-          Complete Yogic Breathing
-          Rhythmic and Proper Breathing
-          Breath Retention, Energy Renewing and Revitalizing Breathing
-          The Asanas: Practice and Physiological Function
-          Practice of 65 Famous Asanas
-          Health of the Eyes and Eye Exercises

Part III
-          Curative Value of Pranayama and the Asanas

Part IV
-          Yogic Therapy for Various Illnesses of Psychic Origin

Part V
The Psychological Causes of Human Problems and Yoga
-          Indecision
-          Haste
-          Nervousness
-          Excessive Touchiness
-          Nightmares
-          Disharmony
-          Obsession Melancholy
-          Frustration
Part VI
A Well-balanced Diet. Water – Nature’s Great Gift, Gaining or Losing Weight, Proteins and Fats Classification of Various Foods According to Yoga and Ayurveda. An Ideal Diet, Overcoming Premature Old Age, Well-balanced and Controlled Sex-Life

Part VII
Useful Hints for Rest and Relaxation, Sleep, Alcohol and Tobacco, Drugs, Baths, Airings, Sunbathing, Swimming, Eating and 2 Model Yoga Lessons.

Reviews -

“A Fascinating Book”
-          Lepeuple, Brussels

“An unusual book…we must pay tribute to its first rate qualities”
-          Combat, Paris

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