The Britannica Guide to Climate Change

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An unbiased guide to the key issue of our age

Unbiased, comprehensive and up-to-date the science and debates behind one of the key issues facing our planet.

There are a few subjects that divide opinion more than climate change. What is the truth? Can the solution be found in a global political treaty or individual action? This Britannica guide gives a clear overview of the scientific evidence, from data showing how the atmosphere has changed in the last 4.5 billion years to more recent studies on the symptoms of a warming planet and the global effects of greenhouse gases, deforestation, and population. The guide introduces you to the possible solutions and to key figures in the debate, from the origins of environmentalism through to the Kyoto Protocol and beyond.

In his wide-ranging introduction, Robert M. May, leading commentator and former President of the Royal Society, looks at the current scientific debates concerning climate change and shows how our actions can change the future.

The Britannica Guide series offers an essential introduction to key issues of our times. Clear, accurate and meticulously researched, the series gives both the background and analysis for when you need to know for sure what is really happening in the world, whether you are an expert, student or general reader.

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ISBN 9781845298680
Publisher Robinson
Imprint date 2008
Language English
Page count 460
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Environmental Science Earth Science & Remote Sensing

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