The Book of Yoga

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Do you feel the need to de-stress, improve self-awareness and feel more at peace? Would you like to gain muscular tone and suppleness, to feel rejuvenated and energized? In bringing into harmony mind, body and spirit, regular practice of yoga can help you achieve all this and so much more. Start a new, healthier way of life today with yoga!

This comprehensive and instructional guide covers:

  • Introduction to the history and philosophy of yoga
  • Physical exercises to strengthen and relax the body
  • Breathing to focus the mind
  • Relaxation techniques to quieten the body and mind
  • Mantras and chanting to calm the emotions
  • Meditation to centre the spirit
  • Therapeutic yoga for health and healing
Subject Health
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Author Christina Brown
Publisher parragon
Language English
Page count 160
Book Format Hard Bound

Categories: Yoga & Meditation Health, Mind & Body Books

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