The Book Of Secrets By Deepak Chopra

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The Book Of Secrets

Every Life Is A Book Of Secrets Ready To Be Opened…

Have you every stopped to ask yourself why you are here? Or what life is all about?

This remarkable book by one of the World’s greatest leaders in the field of mind-body medicine, Dr. Deepak Chopra, considers such key questions about existence and shows how the answers may be closer than you think. Weaving together stimulating ideas, subatomic physics and personal philosophy, Dr. Chopra explores fifteen ‘secrets’ that embrace the nature of being, the relationship of humankind to the universe, death and creation, issues of good and evil, change and transformation, and – ultimately – the meaning of life itself.

This book will help you unlock the mystery of your own existence, showing you how your very next thought, feeling or action can begin to uncover the deepest secrets. With the guidance in this book, learn how to look at life as it really is, seeking it from a still point inside. Take one more step towards your own enlightenment.

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