The Book Of Leadership And Strategy

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The Book Of Leadership And Strategy

Lessons Of The Chinese Masters
Edited By Thomas Cleary

"This is wisdom for the new age. It's almost spooky how relevant are the words of these Taoist sages in this time of government excess and civil unrest. There are lessons here that our leaders and executives, and perhaps most importantly our children, could profit by."— Thom Calandra, financial columnist, San Francisco Examiner

The subtle arts of management and leadership have been developed over thousands of years by the Chinese. The Book of Leadership and Strategy represents the Taoist culmination of this long tradition and is one of the most prestigious works of ancient Chinese thought. Collected here are insightful teachings on the challenges of leadership on all levels, from organizational management to political statecraft. The translator, Thomas Cleary, has chosen and arranged these teachings to emphasize the most valuable lessons of Taoist wisdom for modern Western readers. Like Cleary's best-selling translation of The Art of War by Sun Tzu, this work will serve as an enlightening guide for people in business, politics, and government.

Thomas Cleary holds a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. Having translated more than thirty languages and civil classic of Buddhism and Taoism, he is the most renowned and prolific interpreter of Asian classic of our time.

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Subject Leadership
ISBN 9781569571460
Author CThomas leary
Language English
Page count 121
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