The Bartender 's Companion To 750 Cocktails

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rnThe ultimate practical guide to classic mixes, coolers, breezers, blended drinks, smoothies and juices, with 1,400 photographs. (1.) A comprehensive guide to making 750drinks using spirits, liqueurs,wine,beer,mixers,juices,fruits,creams-all shown in beautiful full-colour photographs. (2.) All the basic techniques explained with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions: how to measure, mix and pour drinks, how to frost a glass, make decorative fruit twists, and much more. (3.)Include all-time classic such as the Gin Sling, Screwdriver and Buck’s Fizz, more unusual drinks such as the Barbarella, Blue Hawaiian and Loch Ness, and luxurious smoothies such as the Humzinger, iced Mango Lassi and Cirtrus Tingler. (4.) Features a guide to all the basic types of drinks and mixers available, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. (5.) Contains a special section on classic juices and smoothies, hugely popular and much requested in today s health-conscious environment. (6.) Includes a useful glosary of drinks terminology to help you tell the difference between a julep and a smash, a fizz and a frappe, a cup and a punch.

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