The 10 Laws of Learning

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The first comprehensive parenting book tailor made for Indian parents.

Does Your Child Score Low In Exams?

Won’t Stop Eating Junk Food?

Can’t Focus On Anything?

The 10 Laws Of Learning by accumulated educationist Steven Rudolph is just the book you need. In ten easy steps, Rudolph teaches you how to train your child out of problem behaviours – watching too much TV, Public, using Foul Language, not eating properly and much more, peppered with relevant examples, original research and keen insight, it is the perfect guide to create a superior learning environment for your child, now parents  don’t need to look far, just follow the magic mantra, The 10 Laws Of Learning, and experience the difference.                              

About The Author –

Steven Rudolph is an American educationist, researcher, TV personality and public speaker based in India. As Educational Director of the Jiva Institute and founder of Jiva Public School, he has developed many innovative learning materials for children and products and services that promote global skills and Indian values. A pioneer in constructivist teaching methodologies, Rudolph is also a proponent of the novel educational concept, ‘Multiple Natures’ and has wide following in India, This is his second book.

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Author Steven Rudolph
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