Test Your I.Q.

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Test Your I.Q.


By Rosemary White & Susen Azuma

Used by Schools, Colleges, Universities, Recruiting Employers and other Entrance Exams.

Ideal for those practicing for interviews or exams or wishing to spend an enjoyable hour or two probing the depths of their minds capacity..!

IQ tests have long been recognized as probably the most accurate method of measuring mental ability. Used by schools, colleges and recruiting employers worldwide, IQ tests are a tough challenge for the brains.

You can improve your performance in IQ tests by practicing the many different types of question, learning to recognize the recurring themes, and coming to terms with the right processes of logic.

Author: Rosemary White & Susen Azuma
Pages: 156
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Author Rosemary White & Susen Azuma
Publisher GBD
Page count 156

Categories: General Knowledge

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