Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits

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Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits

This great work by Richard W. Schabacker is a worthy addition to any technical analyst's personal library or any market library. His "pioneering research" represents one of the finest works ever produced on Technical Analysis. And this book remains an example of the highest order of analytical quality and incisive trading wisdom.

Originally devised as a practical course for investors, it is as alive, vital and instructional as the day it was written, and its evident excellence of intricate technical revelation makes the effort to bring it back to the analytical community worldwide.

Richard W. Schabacker has presented Technical Analysis as a totally organized subject and comprehensively lays out the various important patterns, formations, trends, support and resistance areas, and associated supporting technical detail. He presents factors that can be confidently relied on, and gives equal attention to the blemishes and weaknesses that can upset the best of analytical forecasts. Factors which investors would do well to absorb and apply when undertaking the fascinating game of price, time and volume analysis.

"This originally work by the founder of technical analysis will teach you many valuable things that you don't know"

-By J. Welles Wilder

Author: Richard W. Schabacker

ISBN: 8170947081

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Author Richard W. Schabacker
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