Tao - Its History And Teachings By Osho

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“The Taoist attitude is to go with life- to go all the without any conditions. Wherever life leads, you are part of life, so how could life harm you? There is no need to be afraid”.
"Tao means being. All the so-called religions insist on doing. They believe in commandments: "Do this, don’t do that." They have many shoulds and should nots. Tao believes in this moment; it has no idea of future. If you can live this moment in purity, in silence, in spontaneity, then your life is transformed. Not that you transform it -- Tao transforms it, the whole transforms it. You simply allow the river to take you to the ocean; you need not push the river."
- Osho .
About the Author :
Osho is one of the best known and most provocative contemporary mystics of the twentieth century. His wisdom is legendary, as is his skill in guiding his audience to an understanding of complex philosophical concepts using humor and the art of storytelling. In ZEN, Its History and Teachings, Osho takes the reader on a journey of understanding that cannot be taught but can only be experienced. Nicely illustrated book.

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