Tantra - The Way Of Acceptance

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“This is the Tantra Message: don’t live a repressed life, otherwise you live not all. Live a life of expression, creativity, and joy. Live the way God wanted you to live; live the natural way” "All the religions of the world, except Tantra, have created split personalities. They say there is something bad in you and something good. The good has to be achieved and the bad denied; the devil has to be denied and God has to be accepted. They create a fight within you and you are always feeling guilty, because how can you destroy something that is organically part of you? You can call it bad, you can call it names, but that doesn’t make any difference. How can you destroy it? You never created it in the first place. Anger is there, sex is there, greed is there -- you have not created them; they are given facts of life, just like your eyes and your hands. 

"Tantra says a transformation comes when you accept your total being. Then suddenly everything falls in line, takes its own place. Then without trying to cut anything out of your being, your whole being rearranges itself. If you accept and say yes, a rearrangement happens, and where before there was a noisy clamor inside, now a melody, a music is born."

– Osho.

About the Author :
Osho is one of the best known and most provocative contemporary mystics of the twentieth century. His wisdom is legendary, as is his skill in guiding his audience to an understanding of complex philosophical concepts using humor and the art of storytelling. In ZEN, Its History and Teachings, Osho takes the reader on a journey of understanding that cannot be taught but can only be experienced. Nicely illustrated book.

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