पंचतन्त्र की कहानियां । Stories of Panchatantra (Book in Hindi)

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विषय - सूची

  • बन्दर का कलेजा
  • खरगोश की चतुराई
  • धोखेबाज सारस
  • कौवे ने सांप को पछाडा
  • गवैया गधा
  • मूर्ख कछुआ
  • गधे में दिमाग कहां
  • सांप की पत्नी
  • जैसे को तैसा
  • एकता ही बल है
  • शेखचिल्ली ब्राह्मण
  • मूर्ख विद्वान
  • गीदड्भबकी
  • पुनर्मूषिका
  • समझ का फ़ेर
  • कपटी न्यायाधिश
  • चार दोस्त
  • रंगा सियार
  • तीन धूर्त
  • बुद्धिमान हंस
  • चोर का बलिदान
  • अच्छे मेहमान आये
  • चन्द्र - सरोवर
  • मित्र की परख
  • तीन मछलियां
  • बोलती गुफ़ा

This Book contains stories of Panchatantra in Hindi Language.

Stories from Panchatantra / Golden Set by Shivkumar, illustrated in color by Tapas Guha . These ancient Sanskrit stories were originally told by Visnusarma to three foolish princes to teach them how to be successful in life. Pancha means five, tantra means doctrines of conduct or modes of action, namely, confidence or firmness of mind, creation of prosperity or affluence, earnest endeavor, friendship, and knowledge. Panchatrantra depicts nitishastra (wise conduct) through stories, mainly of animals, which children love to read. Hard color cover, color illustrations on every page etc.

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ISBN 9788170112310
Author Shiv Kumar
Publisher C.B.T. Publication
Language Hindi
Page count 160
Book Format Hard Bound

Categories: Children Books Hindi Books [ हिन्दी किताबें ] Age 5+ Tales & Stories

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