SQL Server 2005 Black Book With CD

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SQL Server 2005 Black Book With CD


Indispensable Comprehensive Reference

An Insightful References to utilizing the power and Flexibility of SQL Server 2005

Geared towards intermediate and advanced database administrators and programmers, SQL Server 2005 Black Book raises the hood to show you how to support efforts. SQL Server 2005 Black Book will help you leverage the full potential of relational database technology to create a state-of-the-art database solution with Reporting Services. This comprehensive reference will help experienced developers and administrators learn the new SQL Server 2005 quickly and easily. It covers the entire spectrum of structured Query Language (SQL) – from syntax to Common Language Runtime (CLR) to a detailed overview of SQL Server tools: from Management studio to Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Filled with examples and troubleshooting solutions, this book is your one stop reference for SQL Server 2005 – no doubt, every aspects is worth the price of the entire book.

This book will help you to:

  • Grasp the features of SQL Server 2005
  • Install and configure SQL Server 2005
  • Solve complex database design and functionality
  • Seize the appropriate hardware for your database server
  • Utilize integration Services for transferring data
  • Unlock the mystery of BCP
  • Design better database solutions with Reporting Services
  • Employ Business Database Solution using common SQL Assemblies
  • Use Data Warehousing in SQL Server 2005
  • Work with SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition

New Features:-

  • Management Studio
  • .Net Integration
  • Integration Services
  • Reporting Services
  • BIDS
  • Notification Services


What is in this book for you

  • Features of SQL Server 2005
  • T-SQL
  • Cursors and SQLXML
  • Business Intelligence Applications using BIDS
  • Service Broker
  • Common SQL Assembles
  • Data Warehousing
  • SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition

Author: Patrick Dalton, Paul Whitehead and Korgent Solutions, Inc.
ISBN: 9788177227222
Pages: 943
Price: Rs.499/-

Subject Programming
Packing Weight 1 kg
ISBN 9788177227220
Author Patrick Dalton, Paul Whitehead and Korgent Solutions, Inc.
Publisher Dreamtech Press
Language English
Page count 943
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Databases & Designing

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