Spirits Rebellious The Madman The Forerunner

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Spirits Rebellious The Madman The Forerunner

By Kahlil Gibran

Probably the most widely read and discussed mystic poet- philosopher of the last century, kahlil Gibran, born in Lebanon in 1883, spent most of his life in America. Besides attaining success as an artist in the symbolist tradition, it was here that gibran found his calling “to write for the soul,” an enthusiastic patron in Mary Haskell and, soon after, recognition as modern-day mystic .The lucidity of his world wise endeared him to a wide range of readers the world over, but particularly in America, where he influenced the popular culture in the sixties .His writings have not only inspired and influenced generations together but also have made the entire realm of high philosophy much simpler and graspable for the common reader .

Gibran’s philosophy of life, his reputation of feudal oppression, made chauvinism and religious hypocrisy, rings through all his works. This selection features an anthology of four short stories published originally in Arabic as spirits Rebellious (1908), and two collections pf parables –The Forerunner (1920) and the Madman (1932).

Subject Philosophy
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ISBN 9788187981400
Author Kahlil Gibran
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Language English
Page count 249
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Categories: Philosophy

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