Sleeping With Your Business Partner

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Separately, love and business are two of life's greatest challenges. What happens when you weave them together? The possibilities run the gamut from bliss to disaster. In Sleeping with Your Business Partner, this husband-and-wife 'co-preneur' team argues that the key to success in both is learning how to communicate properly.Through discussion, interviews with real-life 'co-preneurs', and interactive exercises, the book teaches team-based couples how to communicate with each other to improve both their business and their personal relationship. Each informative, easy-to-read chapter includes insights, tips, exercises, and quizzes to help couples minimize misunderstandings, clarify expectations, build healthier relationships, increase productivity and manage conflict more effectively. The book also addresses various personality types, stress, planning, decision-making, negotiating strategies, role confusion, time management, differing responsibilities at home and work, and power struggles.


Dr. Mike Gross has thirty years of experience in education, his career has included serving as Chief Administrator of the L.C.O. Ojibwe School System and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools in Grand Rapids, MI. Since retiring from school-based education, he has joined Building Bridges with his wife Becky.


Dr. Becky Stewart-Gross has trained thousands of leaders and emerging leaders in companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations. She is the founder of Building Bridges, which offers custom-designed communication training.

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