Six Sigma Business Scorecard

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Six Sigma Business Scorecard

By Praveen Gupta

Six Sigma has become a widely recognized strategic tool to improve business performance and profitability. Many books cover basic Six Sigma concepts, but none detail the most critical element of its improvement methodology: performance measurements.

Without a strong grasp of performance metrics, a company can have no clear, quantitative indication of its quality improvement. The is a unique approach to measuring performance. It allows companies to track their improvements in quality and profitability--and make adjustments if such improvements are not up to expectations--while implementing Six Sigma. Without a comprehensive performance measurement strategy, your company can't hope to reap the many benefits of Six Sigma. This guidebook will show you how to implement a successful, statistically rigorous Six Sigma program.

* Provides numerical methods for evaluating a corporation's Six Sigma success (or lack thereof).

* Written by an author with twelve years teaching experience at Motorola University
* Builds on the recognized Business Scorecard approach.

Author: Praveen Gupta

ISBN: 9780070658943

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Author Praveen Gupta
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