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Dr M. Veerappa Moily’s Shree Ramayana Mahanveshanam is a highly laudable work which, though rooted in the contemporary Indian context, addresses universal concerns and presents a unique vision of past, present and future all clubbed into one. The title literally signifying quest and examination, the book rightly explores the Ramatattwa or the true principles of the Rama-story, from a secularist modernist perspective. Moily has introduced several new characters and incidents in the epic, at the same time, taking great care of retaining the original essence of Valmiki’s Ramayana. Moily re-interprets many familiar incidents from the point of view of modern sensibility. He has drawn freely from Jaina and folk traditions.

About the Author:

Dr M. Veerappa Moily is a distinguished political leader, an eminent administrator, a reformer, a statesman of high calibre, an economist of repute and a renowned literary figure. His deep understanding and keen insights, as former Chief Minister of Karnataka (1992-4) and as the former Chairman of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission (2005-9), Government of India (GOI) are visible throughout the book. He is currently the Honourable Minister of Law and Justice in the Government of India.

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ISBN 9788129116440
Author Dr M. Veerappa Moily
Publisher Rupa Publication
Language English
Page count 1522
Book Format Hardbound [ 2 Volumes ]

Categories: Religion & Spirituality


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