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‘This book is the best window into Shah Rukh’s world and soul. Mushtaq, being a friend of the family, is the best artist for this family portrait portrayal. It’s almost like having Shah Rukh Khan over for coffee.’
                                                                                 Karan Johar
‘Compelling. A Story you need to read if you feel the need to be inspired.’
 ‘This book catches Shah Rukh Khan in his personal and professional space with versatile ease.’
Subhash Ghai

‘ A book that I could not keep down. Worthy of many reads!!!’
Farah Khan

‘ It’s not a book…it unfolds like a movie. A book that made me leave the world aside, curl up in my room and do a complete read.’
Ekta Kapoor

‘It’s   a beautifully crafted book. It’s very difficult to catch the radiance of a man and star like Shah Rukh Khan. Mushtaq Shiekh not only manages it but also shocks you by adding further value.’
Santosh Sivan

‘When a writer of the caliber of Mushtaq is writing a book about me, then I presume the book I am writing can wait.’
Shah Rukh Khan

Subject Bollywood
Selling Rights Indian Sub-Continent Only
ISBN 9788187108570
Author Mushtaq Shiekh
Language English
Page count 355
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Bollywood

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