Sahibs Who Loved India

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A rare collection of essays that invites the reader to revisit a vanished era of sahibs and memsahibs. From Lord Mountbatten to Peggy Holroyde to Maurice and Taya Zinkin, Britishers who lived and worked in India reminisce about topics and points of interest as varied as the Indian Civil Service and the Roshanara Club, shikar and hazri, the Amateur Cine Society of India and the Doon School, Rudyard Kipling and Mahatma Gandhi.

Selected from a series of articles commissioned by Khushwant Singh when he was the editor of the Illustrated Weekly of India these delightfully individualistic and refreshingly candid writings reveal a fascinating array of British attitudes, experiences, observations, fond memories, the occasional short-lived grouses and, above all, a deep and abiding affection and respect for India.


“Thus we both were tied to India with every possible bond of memory and Affection, which clearly played an important part in our lives.. As the last viceroy and indeed when i stayed on as the first governor – general of the independent country of India.”

-Lord Mountbatten

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