Revisiting 1857

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Revisiting 1857
Myth, Memory, History


By Sharmistha Goopu and Boria Majumdar

In India celebrates 150 years of the 1857 uprising, interpreted variedly as the sepoy mutiny or the first war of independence, this collection tries to access 1857 through accounts of cricket matches between Indian sepoys and British officers, ballads, pictorial genres, comic books and filmic renditions. Written by some well-known academicians and young scholars and edited by Sharmistha Gooptu and Boria Majumdar, this volume attempts to reassess the myths, memories and the lived presence of 1857.

"The essays in this collection are not primarily concerned with what 1857 really was - mutiny, feudal revolt, or a full-blown war of independence. Whatever its nature, and there can be no unanimity on the point, thousands of lives were lost and the foundations of the British Empire and many of its convictions were severly shaken. And ever since, 1857 has been a watershed in Indian history.

"We tooo, felt the need to relate 1857, its legacies and other lives. In the process have emerged some 'missing' imprints of 1857, which had thus far escaped scholarly attention and scrutiny - whether the case of the 'missing mutiny' in educational histories of the Raj, or the untold stories of Scots and Irishmen in the British Indian army and of the sepoys who beat their officers on the cricket field. This is thus an attempt to add to existing scholarship new lenses to scan 1857"

Author: Sharmistha Gooptu & Baria Majumdar
ISBN: 9788174365132
Pages: 216
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Author Sharmistha Gooptu & Baria Majumdar
Page count 216

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