Quit Smoking For Good

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52 Brilliant Little Ideas to Kick the Habit

If you are worried that smoking is ruining your health, looks, finances and relationships you’re probably one of the millions of people who want to give up the habit. It’s hard not to be confused by the never-ending avalanche of health books, stop-smoking gurus, website and products all allegedly designed to help you give up cigarettes once and for all. And who’s got the time to wade through all of it to sift the stuff that works from the rubbish?

Quit smoking for good, part of the fantastic new 52 Billions Little Ideas Series, cuts straight to the heart of the matter. With the surest shortcuts and insider secrets, Clive and Peter reveal the simplest truths about taking control of your habit and dumping the weed for ever. In Quit for good you’ll discover:

    * How to create a personalized quitting plan that works;
    * Why exercising can help you kick the habit;
    * Which are the best products to help you on your way;
    * How to avoid putting on weight when you stop smoking;
    * The tactics to employ to ensure you never touch a cigarette again.

By using the tips in Quit smoking for good you’ll soon be losing the smoker’s cough, saving money and taking charge of your life.

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