Protect Your Child On The Internet

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Protect Your Child On The Internet
A Parent’s Toolkit (with CD Rom)

By John Lenardon

Take responsibility for your child’s safety while using the Internet!

‘The Internet has become an important part of most children’s lives, allowing them to learn and explore a wealth of knowledge about every topic in the world. For many children, it has also become the main communication line to their friends. But there are dangers inherent in this technology. Protect Your Child on the Internet describes, in nontechnical language, where the real threats are on the Internet, and the best tools to use in order to stop those threats. It also describes how you can investigate and monitor your child’s activities, even when you are not present.



Understanding the Internet

The Threats online

Communication, Education, and Observation


Solutions: Prevention and Protection



List of Screen Captures

About the Author : John Lenardon is president of Data Cyber Labs, a company specialized in computer crime investigations and training. He has been consulting corporations and government departments worldwide for over 20 years. He is certified in Computer Forensics and has written numerous manuals and books on technology and crime.

Author: John Lenardon

ISBN: 8130906783

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