Programming .NET 3.5

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For Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5

Build N-Tier Applications with WPF, AJAX, Silver light, LINQ, WCF, and More


Programming .Net 3.5 demonstrates how Microsoft’s new framework can greatly improve your programming capability for both Windows and Web applications. This  book shows how the various technologies that comprise .NET 3.5 converge patterns and tools.


In this grand tour of  .NET 3.5, authors Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz describe  how its four principal technologies can be used together to build modern n-tier and service-oriented applications. Every example is written in C#, with source code available for download. Programming .NET 3.5 covers:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF): Achieve Vista-like effects with this presentation framework and graphics subsystem
  • Windows Communication Foundation(WCF): Use this standards-based system to help applications communicate across a network
  • Windows Workflow Foundation(WF): Define, execute, and manage workflow using this system
  • Windows Card Space: Manage the identities of your users with this new system
  • XAML: Use Microsoft’s XML-based markup language with WPF for user interfaces
  • AJAX: Learn these ASP.NET extensions to implement client side functionality


.Net 3.5 facilitates the architectural patterns that developers have been tackling for a decade in previous versions of the .Net Framework. This hands-on guide uses real-world examples and fully annotated source code to enhance and smooth the way to scalable and reliable enterprise-ready applications.

Subject Programming
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ISBN 9788184045670
Author Jesse Liberty & Alex Horovitz
Publisher Shroff Publishers
Language English
Page count 455
Book Format Paperback Book

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